Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ugly Uniform of the Day

We return to San Diego for today's Ugly Uniform Of The Day.

The Padres have a laundry list (no pun intended) of ugly uniforms throughout the years. Today's UUOTD was full of good intentions, but is just really, really bad.

San Diego is a Navy town. With that in mind, the Padres wanted to honor our military on some promotional days during the 2003 and 2004 seasons. They unveiled these really awful camouflage uniforms. Never mind that camouflage is worn more by the Army, and that San Diego is full of Navy men and women. These guys look like action figures. Only thing is, G.I. Joe is a soldier, not a baseball player.

I do not want to throw the military under the bus. I respect and support our military and their mission. But even the brave men and women of our armed forces would agree: These Padres uniforms are ugly.

Friday, February 16, 2007

UUOTD-Turn Back The Clock Edition

Staying in the 1970's...

The city of Cleveland has been known to some as the "Mistake By The Lake". The 70's weren't good to Cleveland, and nowhere is that more evident than in uniforms worn by two of their teams: the Indians and the Cavaliers.

The Cavaliers have one of the worst uniform histories of any franchise in the NBA. But, that is another story for another day.

The Indians wore these all-red uniforms on occasion from 1973 to 1976. They wore a blue hat, with a funky-shaped "C", and these pajama-looking red uniforms. These are some of the worst uniforms in the history of baseball. They look like tomatoes. Maybe these tomatoes went on the Padres' cheeseburgers. Nah, because there was no interleague play in those days, and both teams were horrible. The only way they saw the World Series was on TV.

Eye gouge rating: 2

I could not find a picture of Oscar Gamble in the red uniform. That's too bad. It would have been classic.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rumbling In The Hills

From the hills of Arkansas...

It is being reported that Arkansas athletic director Frank Broyles, aka "Frank of the Ozarks", is set to announce his retirement.

As they say on the East Coast: Film at 11. Or, in the blog world, more later..

Report from Channel 40/29 in Arkansas

New Blog

I have tried to keep this blog fun and informative. There are some subjects which I feel are better addressed elsewhere. I tend to be opinionated on some subjects. Therefore, I have created another blog at

In the meantime, enjoy this blog!

Wednesday, February 14, 2007


This is old news, as it happened earlier this week.

Colorado football coach Dan Hawkins was asked about an anonymous complaint from a parent about the relative lack of time off during the Buffs' offseason program. Hawkins left Boise State for the bright lights of the Big XII, and promptly went 2-10 in a train wreck of a season. He is not used to losing, and losing is not wearing well on him.

The audio of his response is here. This is classic audio. Does he mean business, or is he a lunatic?

Good stuff...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

UUOTD-Turn Back The Clock Edition

We turn back the clock to 1972 for today's Ugly Uniform of the Day.

The San Diego Padres, for the first ten years of their existence, were a bad baseball team. They also had bad uniforms to match.

This 1973 Topps baseball card shows an action shot of the '72 Padres at an empty San Diego (later Jack Murphy and Qualcomm) Stadium. The Padres have a legacy of bad uniforms, but these are the worst. They look like cheeseburger wrappers. Which makes sense, since McDonald's founder Ray Kroc bought the team in 1974. The hats are ugly, the jerseys are ugly, and the pants are ugly. These are better to be forgotten, except for comic relief.

This is not the first time for the Padres to have the UUOTD, nor will it be the last.

Eye-gouge rating: Two

Sleepless In San Diego

Oh, what a brain fart in the playoffs will do...

The San Diego Chargers yesterday fired coach Marty Schottenheimer, after a 14-2 season. The Chargers inexplicably blew a lead and lost their first playoff game to the Patriots, and it went downhill from there. The Bolts lost both their coordinators to head coaching jobs (OC Cam Cameron to Miami, DC Wade Phillips to Dallas), and Schottenheimer was being vetoed on his choice of defensive coordinator. It was a power struggle between Marty and general manager A.J. Smith, and management won.

If the Chargers had continued through the playoffs as they did in the regular season, they would have won a Super Bowl, and Marty could have retired on top.

Schottenheimer continues with a reputation as a great regular season coach, with little success in the playoffs. The Chargers look silly for firing a coach after going 14-2, after announcing a month earlier that said coach would be returning.

The Chargers are full of talent, but now must replace the head coach and both coordinators. Rumored candidates include Bill Parcells (we saw how that worked out in Dallas), and Pete Carroll (trying to get out of USC one step ahead of the NCAA).

Monday, February 12, 2007

2007 NCAA Tournament Projections

We are a month away from the NCAA tournament, and a lot of things can still happen, and probably will. These pairings are always in flux, and seeds will fluctuate drastically for some teams. At this point, I have nine teams from the Big East, and seven teams from the ACC projected to be in the field of 65. I don't expect that form to hold.

Here is this week's installment of NCAA Tournament projections:

East Rutherford Regional San Antonio Regional

(1st-2nd round, New Orleans) (1st-2nd round, Lexington)
1) Florida 1) Ohio State
16) Weber State-Miss. Valley State 16) East Tennessee State

8) Clemson 8) BYU
9) Creighton 9) Virginia

(1st-2nd round, Spokane) (1st-2nd round, Columbus)
5) Air Force 5) Arizona
12) Texas 12) Winthrop

4) Oregon 4) Georgetown
13) Providence 13) Davidson

(1st-2nd round, Spokane) (1st-2nd round, Sacramento)
6) USC 6) Boston College
11) VCU 11) Gonzaga

3) Kansas 3) Nevada
14) Texas A&M-Corpus Christi 14) Long Beach State

(1st-2nd round, Lexington) (1st-2nd round, New Orleans)
7) West Virginia 7) Alabama
10) Maryland 10) Illinois

2) Memphis 2) Texas A&M
15) Austin Peay 15) South Alabama

San Jose Regional St. Louis Regional

(1st-2nd round, Winston-Salem) (1st-2nd round, Chicago)
1) North Carolina 1) Wisconsin
16) Marist 16) Delaware State

8) Tennessee 8) Villanova
9) Old Dominion 9) Florida State

(1st-2nd round, Winston-Salem) (1st-2nd round, Buffalo)
5) Oklahoma State 5) Kentucky
12) Stanford 12) Appalachian State

4) Butler 4) Southern Illinois
13) Syracuse 13) Holy Cross

(1st-2nd round, Chicago) (1st-2nd round, Columbus)
6) Indiana 6) Virginia Tech
11) Louisville 11) Kansas State

3) Marquette 3) Washington State
14) Vermont 14) Oral Roberts

(1st-2nd round, Sacramento) (1st-2nd round, Buffalo)
7) Duke 7) UNLV
10) Missouri State 10) Xavier

2) UCLA 2) Pittsburgh
15) Penn 15) Akron