Sunday, February 24, 2008

Ugly Uniform of the Day

The Oregon athletic department, thanks to their benefactors at Nike, leads the nation in ugly uniform combinations. They should leave well enough alone with their green and gold, but they can't seem to do that.

On Saturday at UCLA, the Ducks wore these things with black sparkles on them. The numbers show up in gold. The name "Oregon" and the player's name is in a black sparkly font on a black uniform. It's not Back In Black, but Black On Black.

Are they so ashamed of Oregon that they don't want us to see the name across the front of the jersey?



Anonymous said...

heh. thats yellow numbering and transparent lettering over black. hey they give you more to write about then any other team so why complain, some one has to have the ugliest uniform. it beats having the 'prettiest' uniform anyday.

Anonymous said...

I'm an Oregon alum, and I can't them. But I think the point is... you're writing about them.

John said...

In this case, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all.

Zee said...

And no comment about the UCLA uni? What's up with the UCLA on the jersey?

John said...

The "C" stands for California. As in: University of California, Los Angeles. I noticed the gold C. Perhaps they're trying to take a slam at the original UC in Berkeley.

I respect UCLA, and there are a ton of campuses of UC. But, there is only one California. It's in Berkeley.

Maybe the Banana Slugs of UC-Santa Cruz can wear a gold C, as well.

Zee said...

I thought UC Irvine was the banana slugs, but they are the anteaters. Some powerful mascots, there. ;)

I still think the yellow C looks stupid and makes the LA stand out like they wanna be the Lakers little brother or some such.

Anonymous said...

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