Wednesday, March 05, 2008

It's Really True

From the Yesterday’s News Department:

Brett Favre really is retiring. After flirting with retirement the last two years, and a premature posting last week on the Packers’ website, QB Brett Favre is retiring from professional football.

Brett Favre has been pure greatness. He has started every game for the Packers since the first Bush administration. He led them to a Super Bowl championship in 1996, and made many mediocre Green Bay teams good, if not great. Favre was a gunslinger of the highest order, a feast-or-famine quarterback that played with pain and led his team to exciting victories. In the infrequent case that he didn’t lead his team to victory, he often threw multiple interceptions in a frantic effort to bring his team back. Even when he wasn’t on his game, he always tried to play like he was 100%, and made most games interesting. I'd take him on my team. Of course, Tony Romo is quarterback of my team, and he's a Brett Favre starter kit.

The rumors behind this retirement are interesting. There is a story floating around stating that Favre wanted the Packers to sign Randy Moss this year. The Pack chose not to go after Moss, allowing the Patriots to re-sign him. Favre was not happy with the decision by the Green Bay front office, and chose to retire. I will not be surprised to see Favre show up in another NFL city as a quarterback. That would be too bad, as he is first and foremost a Packer.

Meanwhile, Aaron Rodgers gets to follow a legend. Good luck with all that.


Zee said...

Everyone on the Ticket is skeptical about this. They think it's very possible that he'll go play with another team. At the very least they think he'll be on some pre-game show or some such. We'll see.

It was interesting to hear about which teams had how many starting quarterbacks in the 17 years that Favre has started for GB (Da Bears had 21 and the Cowboys had 15 - WOW!).

John said...

I would be surprised is old #4 is done.

15 starting QBs for the Cowboys since 1992? Wow! And, five or so of those years were Troy Aikman. The NFL can be a fickle business.