Tuesday, August 19, 2008

College Football Projections: Big East

Another conference preview while wishing that American football was an Olympic sport…

Not long ago, the Big East was in danger of losing its BCS bid. That is no longer the case. This conference has a legitimate national championship contender and a bunch of pretty good teams. There is really only one dog in this entire conference.

When we last saw the West Virginia Mountaineers, they were steamed about the departure of coach Rich Rodriguez to Michigan. They promptly went out to Glendale and thumped Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. This big win earned the head coaching job for assistant coach Bill Stewart. Fast forward to this fall, when WVU is favored to win the Big East, and has a very good chance to be in Miami for the BCS National Championship Game. Their toughest game looks to be a Thursday night affair at home against Auburn. If they can get past that one, they have a good chance to go undefeated.

If West Virginia somehow slips in conference play, look for South Florida to pick up the slack. The Bulls will be joined by Louisville (last season’s disappointment) and Cincinnati in a fight for second place. Rutgers, Pittsburgh, and Connecticut will be bowl-eligible, as well. Some pick Pittsburgh to be even better than just bowl-eligible.

The only dog in this conference is Syracuse. The Orange has hit hard times, and will most likely fire coach Greg Robinson at the end of the year, barring a miracle.

Projected Finish:
West Virginia 12-0, 7-0
South Florida 9-3, 4-3
Louisville 9-3, 4-3
Cincinnati 9-4, 4-3
Rutgers 8-4, 3-4
Pittsburgh 7-5, 3-4
Connecticut 7-5, 3-4
Syracuse 1-11, 0-7


Zee said...

I know football is coming ... yeah yeah, but it's Olympic time. I demand some Olympic talk!!!! :)

John said...

I'm hinting around about the Olympics, and maybe I'll bloviate about the Beijing Games soon..