Friday, October 03, 2008

Ugly Uniform of the Day

I am a fan of the throwback jersey. Most of the time. I make exceptions for that from time to time, though.

Before their run of four Super Bowl wins in the 1970's that put them on the map, the Pittsburgh Steelers were the most hapless franchise in the NFL. You would think the Steelers would want to forget about those days. But, no.. The Steelers have chosen to wear this ugly ensemble as a throwback uniform. This is what the Steelers wore in the 1960's when they royally stunk up the field.

The gold helmets and white pants do not go with the black jerseys. My high school wore black and gold, and they never tried to wear a gold helmet with white pants and a black jersey. But, the Steelers are in the NFL. They should know better.

This comes from the same city that gave us the Pirates' mix and match uniforms in the 1970's. Go figure.



Zee said...

I don't mind the gold helmet, although it is a bit shocking to see at first. I don't mind the black jersey. But don't wear white pants with those! Sheesh!

IMHO, no NFL or college team should wear white pants. I'm tired of seeing jocks through them every play of the game. Nasty!

John said...

You're right. It's the white pants that ruin the whole thing. They just don't go with the gold helmet.

I guess I never noticed anything through the white pants of any team. White pants are necessary, otherwise teams like OU would look like a bunch of cherries running around on the field.

Zee said...

Then they need thicker white pants. Yucky!