Monday, October 06, 2008

Ugly Uniform of the Day

Normally, I find the WNBA not worthy of comment. I think I heard that Detroit (coached by the great Bill Laimbeer) won the title over the weekend. However, I saw some really gross uniforms on SportsCenter the other night.

The Los Angeles Sparks were wearing these purple things with designs all over them. If they wore long pants, they would have looked like pajamas. These are U-G-L-Y! In researching these things, I found that they wear a similar gold uniform at home. Gross!

These uniforms are putrid. Yet another reason not to watch the WNBA.


Zee said...

bill being a coach is enough reason not to watch - one of the all time whineiest players ever!

John said...

I loved the Bad Boys! Yeah, Laimbeer was a whiner, but he was on the right team!