Thursday, November 20, 2008

Ugly Uniform of the Day

Wednesday night, ESPN2 showed a great game between Ball State and Central Michigan. Ball State stayed undefeated with a win over the two-time defending MAC champions.

The Chippewas broke out these never-worn uniforms for this special game on national television. The jerseys are described as "Vegas Gold". My question is: which part of Vegas? This jersey looks like it is straight from one of the not-so-nice casinos in Vegas.

To add insult to injury, or vice versa, Central Michigan lost the game. They sure didn't get any Vegas luck with the Vegas jerseys.

Maroon is a good color for them. They need to stick with it.


Zee said...

There's a lot of Vegas that is that color ... dull gold. LOL

Bleech! Yucky colors!

John said...

Yeah, the Golden Nugget is full of that color.

What makes that uniform even worse is the font they chose for the numbers. That combination just screams sleazy Vegas joint.


John said...

Maybe they should put a pair of dice on the sleeves!

Zee said...

The Golden Nugget was exactly the place I had in mind when I wrote my comment.

Hey, I'm kicking your butt this week, btw. :)

John said...

I call the Golden Nugget the Houston casino. It's owned by Landry's, which is based in H-town. They've put a couple of high-end Houston restaurants in there. They do a lot of advertising and promotions with Houston radio stations and with Continental airlines.

I wouldn't exactly call 10 points with two players a butt-kicking. :-)

It's been weeks since I've lost a fantasy game. My team has won five in a row in our league, and I've won four in a row in my public league.

Zee said...

I was making a prediction ... not commenting on my sorry show of points after last night's game. :p

The nice thing about the Golden Nugget is that they have a Starbucks in there! :)

Zee said...

Did you see the Frog's unis from this past weekend? Purple jerseys and black bottoms? They looked bad in those ... they could be a new nominee.