Saturday, January 17, 2009

NFL Picks: Championship Sunday

Last Week: 2-2
Playoffs: 3-5
Overall: 168-95-1

And then there were four. These are especially heady times in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, as the area’s three teams all have a chance to go to the Super Bowl, with the Steelers and Ravens playing each other and the Eagles traveling out to Arizona. Did you know that Harrisburg is closer to Baltimore than it is to Pittsburgh or Philadelphia? On to the picks…

Philadelphia at Arizona: Hell has definitely frozen over. The formerly sad-sack Cardinals find themselves hosting their second playoff game in three weeks, after not hosting one since the Truman administration when they played in Chicago. They find themselves hosting the Eagles, who were a mediocre team before coach Andy Reid briefly benched QB Donovan McNabb before putting him back in the starting lineup. The Cardinals have discovered defense in the playoffs, or at least enough to allow Kurt Warner and company to outscore opponents. I love Kurt Warner, and I’d love to see the Cardinals win, but I don’t see it happening. The Eagles are the hot team here. Pick: Philly

Baltimore at Pittsburgh: These two teams despise each other. The Steelers have won two close games over the Ravens this season. Normally, it’s really hard for a team to beat another good team three times in one season. But, the Ravens have been playing for 15 consecutive weeks, since their bye week was moved to Week 2 due to the rescheduling of their game in Houston due to Hurricane Ike. The Ravens should have enough in the tank to make this a good game. However, the Steelers will make one fewer mistake and win a trip to their seventh Super Bowl. Pick: Pittsburgh


Zee said...

Well, you're one for one. That's what you get for picking against the home team! ;)

I'm so excited for the Cards! Hurray! My brother is pi&&ed that Bill Bidwell is gonna get some credit for this - he can't stand him. Maybe he'll send me his SWA/Cards shirt they all got at work.

John said...

A stopped clock is right twice an hour, even in the NFL! Bill Bidwill only gets credit for letting his son run the football side of the operation. Mike Bidwill gets credit for hiring Ken Whisenhunt as coach.

This is way cool! It is like a bizarro world with the Cardinals in the Super Bowl. Next thing you know, the Lions and Browns are going to play each other in the Super Bowl.

Zee said...

One of my favorite weeks is here! SuperBowl WEEK! That means the little ticket will be broadcasting some greatness this week! Yeehaw!