Sunday, January 20, 2008

NFL Highway: Championship Sunday

Who would have thought on December 29, in Giants Stadium, that there was a preview of the Super Bowl. In hindsight, that's what happened.

The New England Patriots sputtered a bit, but handled the San Diego Chargers, 21-12. Tom Brady threw an uncharacteristic three interceptions, and Randy Moss only had one reception. However, the Pats, as always, found a way to win. They are 18-0 and headed to Glendale for Super Bowl XLII.

The classic was played in the frozen cold of Green Bay. The New York Football Giants won their league record tenth road game in a 23-20 overtime thriller over the Green Bay Packers. Lawrence Tynes missed two crucial field goals in regulation, but more than redeemed himself with a 47 yard game winner in overtime.

There is a lot to be said for how the Giants approached the season-ending game with the Patriots. The Giants had absolutely nothing to play for, as their playoff position was already determined. The Patriots were playing for a perfect season. The Giants went out and played hard, even whipping the Patriots for three quarters. They lost the game, but finished the season in a good groove, unlike their first two playoff opponents, who stumbled toward the end of the season. There is something to be said for trying to play hard and finish well, even when there is nothing to gain.

The Patriots will have a world of pressure on them as they try to become the first team to ever go 19-0. Also, the Pats will be going for their fourth Super Bowl win in seven years. The Pats have been installed as early 14 point favorites.

Get ready for the hype!


Zee said...

I hate that GB lost. the superbowl is gonna suck now.

John said...

I can be a Giants fan for two weeks. Anyone but the evil Patriots!

Zee said...

Why are the Pats evil? Because they are undefeated? Because their coach wears sweatshirts with cut off arms looking like a homeless man every week? I think your cowboy loving self is just jealous!