Thursday, March 13, 2008

ESPN Minus

A quick note that couldn't wait. The announcers' mikes have just started working in Thursday night's first Big 12 first round game between Nebraska and Missouri. There is 14:20 left in the first half. ESPN Plus is showing the game to syndicated affiliates in Big 12 country.

Yes, that's right, ESPN Plus showed the first five minutes of a game with the announcers' mikes out of commission. They even went to a TV timeout, came back, and there was still no audio.

It reminded me of the NFL game in the 80's between the Jets and the Dolphins where there were no announcers. In that game, it was intentional. It was not intentional tonight.

Another quality production by ESPN Plus, the syndication partner of Big 12 basketball.


Zee said...

On the Mav's game two nights ago, Mark Followill called Brandon Bass, Sean Bass (the Ticket's OWN C-Bass) and also had another Ticket-ism late in the third quarter. Also, Mark's done the plus-one on the Hardline at least three times and he's the best out of everyone. He really mixes the best and I so wish he could take Greggo's place. :)

John said...

He definitely has Hardline street cred.

I guess the Mavs would let him do the show since he's their TV guy now. I know he had to leave the Ticket when he took their radio gig, since the Mavs games are on ESPN 103.3.